Friday, August 12, 2011

Good Lord Copy & not Pasting has never been so sweet!

So I am a very manic person... I mean very very very manic. I HAVE to be doing more than one thing at a time... like right now... I'm blogging, making coffee, watching House Hunters International and talking with a co-worker... it's also 12:41am.... see manic... or ADD... whatever... shiny rock...

The point is I was working ( a real paying job) while checking out my future Bro-In-Law's blog, Gabe Draws, and getting some Pinterest time in when I realize I needed to "Pin" his amazing art! I wanted to be sure to have each "Pins" description match the title of what he had the art listed as cause he's a witty guy and I thought it was respectful. So here's what I found out!!!! When I highlighted and "copied" the wording he used on his blog and clicked "Pin It" on my tool bar the pop-up window automatically pasted what I had copied!! That's right! I did not have to do anything extra... it was done for me!!!

This is completely allows me to be hastier when posting I realized and give proper names to the things I paste!! Try it! Tell me if this works for you!!!

Don't forget about the Pinterest Swap! Please sign up ASAP as we're are wrapping things up soon and let your friends know! We need lots of interest in this to make it great!

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